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Guru Nanak Ji

Gurdwara (new)

The Gurudwara in Columbia, SC is a result of grace of Waheguru and the labor, devotion and contribution of the Sikh community in South Carolina. It was completed in 1995. The community was really small at that time but it did not stop them from accomplishing this noble task.

Since then the community has grown so much that a new building is in final stages of completion. Four acres of land and the building were paid off. Contributions for the new development are welcome from the Sangat.

The Gurudwara is run by a committee which represents the smaller and spread out sub-communities in upstate, midlands and the Charleston area of the state. There are four Akhand Paths annually, made possible by voluntary contributions of the Sangat.

Click for The T&D article on Sikh Community donation for victims of Sep. 11 attacks. The Sikh community donated $10,000 to the South Carolina Cares Fund after 9/11 attack.


The 2011 Executive Committee

Dr. Ajit Singh Randhawa President
Mr. Surjit S. Randhawa Vice Pres.
Mr. Sahib Singh Cheema Secretary
Mr.  Rachhpal S. Gill
Mr. Shamsher Singh
Mr. Gurmeet Singh Sandhu
Mr. Kasnnail Purewal Treasurer
The Board of Trustees

Dr. Balbir Minhas Chairman
Dr. Inderjit Singh Co-Chairman
Harinder Singh Secretary
Dr. Ajit S. Randhawa Liaison
Dr. Avtar K. Singh
Dr. Gunjit Rick Singh
Dr. Rajinder Parmar
Mrs. Raj Randhawa
Mr. Kartar Singh
Mr. Karnail Purewal
Mr. Rachhpal S. Gill
Mr. Amarjit S. Cheema
Mr. Surjit S. Randhawa
Mr. Shinda Singh
Mr. Ravinder S. Thiara
Mr. Dilbag Singh
Mr. Charanjit Singh
Mr. Pargan S. Dhillon
Mr. Shawinder Singh Chahal
Dr. Pooja Mehrotra

Contact Information

Gurdwara: (803) 345-1512
Amarjit S Cheema: (803) 319-6241
Shinda Singh: (803) 317-4950